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Factors That Contribute to a Great First Person Shooter

If you think first-person shooter (FPS) is only for dumb people, think again. Many have this notion because all the shooter needs to do on this genre of shooter game is to point at their enemies and click on them until they die.

In the world of FPS, the player navigates around the game world using a first-person camera and uses a weapon to shoot at his enemies. While all of first-shooter does this, there are some shooters who do a lot more. There’s more to being a great shooter than just literally pointing at your enemy and firing until they die.

Let’s compare shooters to a pizza. Some shooters are like the basic pizza, the ones with pizza dough, some tomato sauce and a little cheese on top. While there are others who are like a mouth-watering pepperoni pizza with different kinds of cheese, plenty of pepperoni slices, a handful of olives and dried basil as toppings.

So what upgrades a basic pizza to a pepperoni pizza? Below are some of the additional “ingredients” needed to turn you into a great first person shooter.

  1. Interesting Movement

Though it’s cool to climb a ladder, being able to jump, activate a jetpack, jump a little bit higher, maintain forward momentum while gaining height is a different story. Making a combination of interesting movements will give you an edge against your opponents.

Movement has been a priority in the FPS genre from the very beginning. Example of this is Quake and Unreal, a game which allows forms of wall-jumping and dodging. There is also Doom which focuses on fast movements which allows players to strafe past damage. You don’t need to be a fantastic ninja that can do all of these summersaults and acrobatic movements. You just need to make your movements interesting.

  1. Challenging Opponents

Can you think of an action movie that falls short of exciting scenes? Or perhaps a thriller where the killer just died easily after one gunshot?

Movies that lack action scenes can leave us disappointed. A villain that dies easily without putting up a good fight is certainly a bore.

This is also the same with FPS. An enemy that does not give you a good fight will not only bore you but won’t also help to improve your skills.

Imagine an enemy that just stands there and does not do anything to dodge the bullet. Or perhaps an opponent that does not shoot back or dies easily. You certainly don’t need an enemy as good as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, but you don’t want someone as gentle as Winnie the Pooh either.

You want an opponent that always keeps you on your toes. You need someone that pushes your skills and tactics beyond your limits. Great games are not the ones where you had it easy but the ones that you worked hard for and end up victorious.

  1. Maps That Make You Think

Most people associate the FPS with “guns”. Whilst this genre centers on gun and other weapons, we should not forget that this combat is based in a first-person perspective.

Featuring verticality in level design is important. Design that enables shooter to move forward, backward, side to side and up and down is so outdated. You need a design that entices and empowers the shooter to move.

The “Sword of Crota” room in Destiny is one of the best room design created. It is set on multiple levels and filled with columns and series of enemy spawn points throughout the room. This design encourages you to navigate through the map as you need to actively hunt your opponents down rather than waiting for them to come to you.

You need more engagement to hone your skills. Engagement is a thing that draws you into the gaming experience. A perfect example of a game that encourages more engagement is Dark Souls. This game requires you to think on how to engage your foes instead of just mashing the X button to attack them. Click here to know more about Dark Souls.

  1. Meaningful Enemy Feedback

In whatever aspect of our life, there won’t be any improvement if we don’t receive feedback. It’s something that gives validation of what we do and points us to areas where we have to improve.

Meaningful enemy feedback is also necessary to develop a great shooter. Fancy popup messages when you shot an enemy can be repetitive and dull. Though seeing an additional 500 XP can initially be inspiring, it would not make you feel that the combat is nearly as good as it should.

But if you have tried playing F.E.A.R, receiving enemy feedback is totally different. When you shot an enemy dead, there’s a huge cloud of dust and blood when the enemies explode. Games like Destiny or Rage have enemies that flinch and stumble when shot.

Gibbing is a method of feedback that’s been popularly used by many game developers. Pronounced as “jibbing”, it’s a feeling of wonderful kill where your enemy explodes in a meaty shower when hit. Seeing your enemy burst into pieces is a gratifying and rewarding experience.

There is also the element of sound. You feel more connected to the game when you hear the enemies shout “I need backup!” or “He’s too fast!”

  1. Guns That Move Us

Just as knives are important to chefs, guns are also equally important to shooters.

Your weapon plays a huge role in killing your opponents and having the edge on the game. With this being said, you need to have a gun that has the ability to move you. Take Destiny for example. One of their biggest prides is their exotic revolver called The Last Word. You just don’t simply shoot this gun instead, your hand would need to twirl the pistol around when switching to it and fan the gun to fire it. This results to a glorious camera shake that indicates how powerful the gun is.

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How to Become a Better Player in Far Cry

First-person shooter games have been traditionally quite popular in Germany in the recent years. Some people believe that this popularity is brought by the people’s desire to “rebel” against the state. FPS games have become the subject of controversial debate, with many people raising their eyebrows to violent content of this game. Despite the negative acceptance of some citizens, FPS games are still unstoppable in this country.

One of the most popular FPS games that took the limelight is Far Cry.

What is Far Cry? 

Far Cry is a popular franchise of first-person shooter video games that was first developed by German studio Crytek and published by Ubisoft on March 23, 2004.

It had a positive acceptance, as evident to its 730,000 sale units within four months of release. The story of the game features ex Special Forces operator named Jack Carver, who is stranded on a mysterious archipelago in Micronesia. His mission is to search for the female journalist he was escorting after she went missing when their sailboat was destroyed by mercenaries.

The success of Far Cry has given birth to a series of franchise. Far Cry 2 was released on 2008, Far Cry 3 on 2012, Far Cry 4 on 2014 and Far Cry 5 this 2018.

If you don’t want to miss out on this great game franchise, it’s never too late to learn. Below are some tips that you can apply if you want to try your hands on the latest installment of Far Cry.

Tips on How to Play Far Cry 5

  1. Start the game by going west

Map of Far Cry 5 is broken into 3 regions – North, East and West. You could venture into any of them and can still step back out and go to other regions.

If you go north first, you will have to go through long stretches of mountains dotted with lakes and rivers. If you start with east first, you will be surrounded by Bliss fields and get constant harassments by Angels, zombie-like Bliss-addicts of the game. Going west first is a good move. It’s mostly flat, making it easier to traverse. It also offers a good variety of people to meet and missions to do.

  1. Get boomer right away

You will have animal buddies in Far Cry 5. One of the most helpful buddies is Boomer, a video dog game that is not only your pet but can also help spot and fight enemies, revive you when you’re down and get fallen guns from enemies.

Though you can find other allies in this game, having Boomer first is a smart move. He’s the easiest to unlock and one of the best among allies. Head to the southwest to a place called Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm as soon as you’re done with the game’s prologue on Dutch’s island. Find an enemy cultist named “Peggies” and kill them. Then look for a dog inside a cage. You have your new best friend as soon as you’re able to pet him.

  1. Socialize on everyone you meet

Talking to everyone you meet in Far Cry 5 is helpful. You can get as much information as you can when you socialize. You unlock portions of the map every time you read a map, visit someone in person or hear about it from a stranger.

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Everything You Need to Know about Army Moves

Shooter games have reached its massive popularity all over the world. Game developers from any part of the globe are doing their own contribution in producing games that are above quality and would hook the interest of players.

Spain does not want to be left behind when it comes to shooter games. Aside from patronizing this game genre, local developers have devout their time and effort in creating their version of shooter games.

Dinamic Software was a Spanish video games producer and publishing company. It was founded in 1983 and ceased its production in 1992.

Before they stopped their operation, they were able to develop and published “Army Moves”. This scrolling shooter game was the first chapter of the Moves Trilogy and was published in 1989 in Spain.


There are seven levels in the game, each of which is divided in two main sections. The first section is made up by four levels. In this level, the player has to drive an army unit, either helicopter or jeep, through a terrain while steering clear of hostile vehicles.

The second main section is made up of the last three levels. A player takes the role of a soldier who shoots enemies along his way. When the player reaches level 5, he must travel from rock to rock in a river while shooting hostile birds. Afterwards, he must sneak into the headquarter of his enemies to retrieve secret documents. You will receive a higher bonus if you complete the seven sections of Army Moves.

Some versions have a high score table to record your achievements. The second section must be loaded separately, using a code attained from completing part one, on some versions. Desert Moves was a fourth entry in the series and was announced at the end of Arctic Moves, however it never appeared.

The non-Spanish music used in the game was based on the Colonel Bogey March.

Unfortunately, Army Moves did not receive much of positive reviews. According to one review, it’s “Almost non-existent gameplay makes this very poor value for money”.

Contrary to several negative reviews, this game was successful enough in Spain that it gave birth to two follow-ups – Navy Moves in 1988 and Arctic Moves in 1995. In 2009, there were even adaptions to casino games in slot machines that included early elements of the game.



Spanish company Dinamic Software originally created the Amstrad, ZX Spectrum, MSX and PC versions. When Imagine distributed the game in the UK, they developed versions for the Atari ST, C64 and the Amiga for maximizing their profit.

You must be wondering why Dinamic did not bother to port the game for these versions. The reason is because these systems were not popular in Spain at the time.


Most of the games in Spain during this period were divided into two independent parts, with the second part being password protected. Dinamic is well-known for this trademark until other companies such as Topo and Opera adopted this game trend. In tape versions, each part would fit into a side of the tape and could be loaded separately.

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4 skills you learn from playing shooter games

Video games are not only entertaining, they teach you a lot of things too that helps in your real life. The shooter game also teaches you various life skills that will help you in your personal and professional life.

Reading maps

In almost every shooter game, you will have to read maps and find out your resources, enemies, etc. You will know about the landscape, storyline, etc. by looking at the map. The map will move you towards your mission. Map reading is a very important skill that will help you in your real life. If you are lost somewhere, you will be able to get into a track by reading a map. You can also reach an unknown destination by looking at the map.

Weapon sites

The weapon designs used in the games are similar to the real weapons.  You learn target shooting and know how to line up your targets. So, your visual power increases and you know how to hit a target.

Anticipatory motor skills

When you shoot an object, you need to consider the location of the object and your distance so that you hit right on the object. These anticipatory motor skills are needed in real life as well. You learn how to time a shot perfectly.

Brain functions improve

You learn hand-eye coordination by playing shooter games. Your spatial reasoning, decision making, and visual attention improve. Overall, your brain starts to function better.

The modern shooter games are even better. They try to make everything very real and you get the real-life experience of shooting and dealing with enemies. All these help to develop the brain skills that you can use in your real life. 

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