James Bond 007: NightFire – A Gateway to Experience James Bond

Next to sports games, shooter games come second on the most popular game genre in France. French are not only interested with fashion and food after all; they also belong to shooter game patronizers all over the world.

If you want to live the “French” life but can’t afford buying a plane ticket to France, the next closest thing that you can do is play 007 Nightfire.

A sequel to Agent Under Fire, James Bond 007: NightFire is an FPS video game based on the famous character of the British secret agent James Bond.


New Year’s Eve, Paris France. Your mission as 007 is to help French Intelligence Operative Dominique Paradis stop a rogue nuclear weapon from hitting the Eiffel Tower. Should you become unsuccessful in this mission, Paris will be obliterated from the world and the true threat behind this attack will never be brought to light.


The player can carry many weapons including grenades and other types of explosives. You can also found several mounted weapons throughout the game. Just like with the previous James Bond games, the weapons featured on this game are based on actual weapons, only their names were changed. You can find some weapons in the console version but not available on the PC version and vice versa.

There are significant differences in each version of the game. For example, there are fewer levels in the PC version than the console version and does not have driving mode. Also, Rook dies much earlier on this version.

Character Descriptions

  • James Bond – the famous spy
  • Raphael Drake – Head of the Phoenix Corporation and plays as the main villain of Nightfire. He did not succeed in his plan as he died when Bond destroyed his defense platform.
  • Armitage Rook – head security for Raphael Drake. He first had his appearance at a party in the French Alps hosted at Drake’s chateau.
  • Zoe Nightshade – a CIA agent who helped Bond when they were inside the castle of Drake. She reprised her role from Agent Under Fire.
  • Dominique Paradis – plays as the game’s main Bond girl. She faced her death tragically when she was thrown off the roof of Drake’s building in Tokyo.
  • Alura McCall – an Australian agent who helped Bond detect enemies when they were in an island owned by Drake.
  • Alexander Mayhew – owner of the Phoenix International properties in Japan and has a very close relationship with Drake.
  • Makiko Hayashi – Also known as Kiko, she plays a personal female bodyguard of Mayhew. She began working with Drake when Mayhew got killed.


  • This game is the first sequel to Bond video games. It also features a handful of characters that were introduced in the previous game, Agent Under Fire.
  • First Bond video game since The World is not Enough for which Pierce Brosnan gave his consent to use his image as 007.
  • Ronin 2.0 was one of the weapons in the game. This miniature machine gun turret is said to have its inspiration from the movie Ronin. Click here if you want to know the plot of this fantastic movie.

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