5 of the Hardest First-Person Shooter Games

Most of the first-person shooters video games are not really that challenging. Most of them have the standard run, point and shoot formula that is not uncommon across other game genres. In some cases though, they can take you by surprise especially when an enemy came out of nowhere and suddenly hit you in the face.

We all want a game that’s challenging enough to a certain degree. After all, the main reason why we are playing is to seek excitement and adventure that we can’t sometimes find in the real life. While there are challenging games, there are those that are extremely hard to the point that you would wonder how the developers could possibly think you can beat it.

If you’re someone who is always pushing yourself to the limit, you should try some of these plain brutally difficult levels the FPS genre.

  1. Killzone 2 – Visari Palace

Killzone 2 which was released in 2009 is a long, relentless and often times punishing game. The game takes place in and around Visari Palace, home to the founder and leader of the Helghan Empire. The goal of this game is to capture alive this leader so that you can end the war.

Don’t play this level without being prepared. First, it’s an hour-long game so make sure that you’re well-fed and conditioned. It’s an exciting yet can be exhausting one hour level all packed with firefights. You may instinctively take down enemies one by one, however they constantly respawn whenever you’re idle. That means that you need to be constantly on the move. However, you can also get killed if you continue to push forward. If you want to make it to the end, it’s important that you know how to balance these two strategies. True enough, this experience can be quite exhausting.

The game concludes with a boss battle against the big bad Radec and mind you, he is agile and can become invisible which makes him a frustrating opponent. When the game is over, you would certainly feel relieved and thankful.

  1. Far Cry – Volcano

Though this game is fairly challenging in general, there is a level that reaches its peak difficulty. The final mission titled “Volcano” is certainly not for the faint-hearted. This level, where you have to enter the laboratory of Dr. Krieger which is nestled in a volcano, is not really hard all throughout. There is a specific part of it though that will attempt you to be pulverized into oblivion.

When you’re face to face with massive weapons cache full of goodies, that’s your signal that things are about to get really hard. From this point you make your way to the core of the volcano, where you have to fight against Fat Boys and Locusts which are fully armed with rocket launchers. These opponents are really tough to kill and undeniably smart.  Plus, the open environment adds factor to the hardness level. It’s quiet challenging to hit these bad boys while evading their attacks.

This level is significantly hard on the highest difficulty setting and you can only take one of the two hits to be dead. You can’t afford to make many mistakes so you have to take as much cover as possible and be overly cautious. Don’t rush on this level; one bad move can bring you down. Instead, take your sweetest time and you’ll get through. Victory is sweetest when you’ve worked hard to achieve it.

  1. GoldenEye 007 – Aztec Complex


Many people consider GoldenEye 007 for the N64 as one of the best first-person shooters ever made. Many fans would agree that Aztec Complex is also a level that is well-known for its difficulty. In this level, you as 007 would need to break into an illegal launch facility hidden within some South American Aztec ruins.

Though you have enough cover on this tight-fitting level, the soldiers that stand guard are way tougher than you think. They have above accuracy than normal and can easily spot you the moment you enter into their visibility range. You would need to be extra cautious, as well as make sure that every shot counts. A misshot can certainly alert the other soldiers. They can easily sneak out on you, especially if you are not familiar with the layout.

If you want to test your skills, then the Aztec Complex is the right venue to do so. You would need to have efficiency and above-average tactics to win this campaign.

  1. TimeSplitters 2 – Atom Smasher

Though Time Splitters 2 is not generally accounted as a difficult FPS, one of its levels stands out for being more challenging than the rest. Atom Smasher, this hard level, will transport you into the role of a 007 Bond-esque spy circa 1972. The main objective of this level is to defuse five bombs spread out through the level before they detonate.

The nature of this level is designed for you to constantly forge ahead, or else you will run out of time and lose the game. Factors such as civilian scientists getting in the way, snipers hitting you from anywhere and final boss fight contribute to the difficulty of this level.

You have to deal with all of them while conserving your health. If not, there is no way for you to make it through the end. Plus, don’t forget the time pressure so you would always have to be on the move and never make a single mistake. It’s a gruelling experience that will require you to have a steady hands and knowledge of the level design to win.

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  1. Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault – Operation Overlord


This 3rd game in the Medal of Honor series is a mission that will certainly test your patience. Operation Overload is inspired from the most infamous battles of World War II.

Three distinct sections comprise this mission: Omaha Beach, Battle in the Bocage, and The Nebelwerfer Hunt. All combined, they make a chaotic and challenging experience. There are no rooms for mistakes here as you will instantly die upon first play through. You are faced with well-skilled enemies who can camouflage with the environment, has plenty of cover and has surprisingly accuracy to spin you down in an instant. It’s a good idea to keep your computer controlled allies alive and remember that sniper rifle is your best friend.

To successfully end this mission, you would need to have endurance, perseverance and a healthy knowledge of the level layout.

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