Everything You Need to Know About Critical Ops

With so many people who own a smart phone now, it’s no wonder mobile gaming industry has reached its peak. One of the reasons why mobile games have been a hit is because of its convenience and portability. Playing these games is a fun way of killing time while you’re waiting on the line, traveling to work or doing your errands.

One of the mobile games that have successfully risen amongst its competitors is Critical Ops. This multiplayer first-person shooter video game got its inspiration from Counter-Strike. The game has been downloaded over 34 million times since it’s released in September 2015.

Just like Counter-Strike, Critical Ops can be difficult and challenging at first. No need to be disheartened though. Take down as many bad guys as you can with these Critical Ops tips, cheats and strategies below.

The Basics

If you’re embarking on something new, it is essential that you know this golden rule: know the basics. Taking the time to know the basics will give you an edge against fellow rookies. Below are some Critical Ops basics that you must know.

  • Objectives of the Game

The main goals of this game are winning each battle, completing mission and collecting nice armors and weapons with your team. Another thing that you must remember – there is no health regeneration. You would need to wait a certain time for a game mission to be completed before you can re-join for another round.

  • Hide cross platform rooms

Initially, you wouldn’t want to compete against high-skilled players with equally experienced team members and high-powered weapons. Hide from them by ticking the filter “Hide Cross Platform Rooms” before you start the game. If you get killed, you can observe how these experienced players work out the game.

  • Get to know your weapons

You don’t want to go to war unprepared. To know the available firepower that you are carrying, click the Loadout under the Main Menu.  Since you can only take one weapon with you, it’s important that you know each and every one of them. This way, you can effectively select which weapon works best for your style of attack.

  • Game modes

With so many game modes to choose from, it’s easy to get carried away and confused, especially if you’re a first-timer. Beginners and low-level players can never go wrong with Deathmatch. It’s a simpler mode and a better introduction to the mechanics of the game. When you have already mastered this mode, you can change to a tougher mode later on.

  • Tweak game controls

You can change the game controls according to your preferences. Lefties will find trigger buttons convenient and handy. Head to the settings menu and tweak things to your liking.


  • Teamwork

Teamwork is a critical element of this game. Before playing Critical Ops, there’s one golden rule that you must obey – you should never be alone. Since it’s a team game, you’ll have better shot at winning if you stick with the team. With this, it’s important that you find a team that you’re compatible with and stick with them no matter what. Communication is another important key. Constantly talk to each other about flanking, weaponry, game plan, other tactics, etc.

  • Don’t forget to reload

Even after the shortest gun battle, it’s important that you reload your weapon. Take advantage of the downtime to make sure that you are fully equipped. You wouldn’t be able to make any damage to your opponents if you’re not reloaded. If you’ve ran out of ammo, this split second of being unarmed is a huge edge for your enemy to maim or shoot you.

  • Be extremely cautious

There’s no room for callousness in this game. In whatever you do, you have to be cautious and keep your eyes open. Carefully move through levels and keep an eye on crannies and nooks. It also pays off if you learn the best places for attacks and ambushes. Also, never go charging on your own. Make sure that there’s a teammate that is covering you, especially in corners. Enemies could ambush you anytime and it’s important that you are always on your toes.

  • Aim for headshots

If you want to kill your enemies fast, there’s no better way of doing that than aiming for headshots. Aside from the head, other body parts that take down your enemies instantly are chest, back and neck.

  • Use knife when up close

When the enemy is in a closer proximity, instead of using a gun, use a knife instead. With just a single slice, it’s more efficient in taking down enemies that are up close.


  • Complete challenges

Complete contests and challenges to win rewards like guns and amours. Look out for challenges and try to complete them when you can. It’s a good way to get a hold of different weapons. In-app purchases for weapon skins are also available, you can either purchase the one that you’ve been eyeing at or you can wait for a free weapon to be given to you after you have completed the challenges.

  • Watch and learn

Instead of rushing on to the game, take a sweet time to just watch. See how expert players rock this game. By observing, you can learn their best practices and adopt what’s good for you. You would also get a hint on what tactics or movements work and don’t.

  • Move

You’re more likely to get killed easier if you are just stationary. Don’t ever stop moving. Always be on the move and stay a step ahead of your enemies by using the crouch and jump buttons.

  • Choose your weapon

The weapon of your choice after you spawn will be your standard spawn gun every time thereafter. It will not change unless you decide to do so.

  • Never pick up weapons of others

No matter how desperate you are, don’t pick up dropped weapons from another player. Scavenging weapons of others can put you in a position of vulnerability. Instead, focus on your gunplay and tactics.

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