7 Tips on How to Survive L4D 2 Expert Difficulty Level

Zombies are everywhere.

From the nerve-wracking hit TV Show “The Walking Dead” to the heart-thundering blockbuster film “World War Z”, zombies have a spot in our heart always.

We’ve developed a love-hate relationship with these brain-eating and wobbly-walking monsters. We love watching them getting smashed into pieces and we hate not having our fill of zombie-apocalyptic excitement.

If you can’t get enough of zombies in TV and film, video game has its fair share of zombie games. One of the most popular shooter games that revolve around zombies is the Left for Dead. It’s a fun and exciting game that you can play with your friends. Scream your hearts out as you shoot zombies into million pieces.

Push yourself further and try out playing Left 4 Dead 2 on expert difficulty. Before entering into the zombie world, it’s important that you take down these points in the expert difficulty level.

  • If you’re hit on the front, you get 20 points of damage while 10 points if you’re hit in the back. This means that one zombie can potentially take you down in 5 hits.
  • Friendly fire can be lethal. You can never afford a bad shot with a decent gun as it can bring your teammate down.
  • Be extra cautious with witches as they can kill you in an instant.
  • Fire inflicts 40 damage per second.

The rest of the gang gets tougher: chargers, spitters, jockeys and smokers. Click here to read more about the characters and story.

Since everything is more intense, it’s important that you make your every move with precaution. Take note of these tips below to have a longer life on this level.

  1. Crouch and Move Slowly

Running mindlessly around like Forrest Gump on this game will get you killed in a split second. Crouching is one of the most important actions that you need to master on this level. When you crouch, you increase the level of your accuracy. Not only that, being on a crouched position lessens the likelihood of friendly fire and being swamped by horde of zombies. Your kill-twitch brain will focus on the real bad guys

  1. Take Refuge on Corners When Horde Is Coming

As soon as you hear that music starts, you get to a panic mode. Oh no, the horde of infected zombies are running towards you. What many beginners fail to realize is that it’s easy to survive this incoming wave of zombies. How will you do it? Find a tight space such as walls or corners. A room with one doorway or an open truck can work too.

With your back safely leaning against the wall, you can wait for the zombies to come into your fire zone. You have the perfect view and position to fire them all up into pieces.

  1. Sharing is Caring

If you’re a pill hoarder, then you should not be on this mode. You won’t be able to survive on this game alone; you need the help of your allies in killing all of your enemies. Plus, who would rescue you when a hunter is about to take you down?

Don’t just take care of your life but also that of your teammate. As soon as you see your pal’s life that is about to end, don’t hesitate to share that pill box.

  1. Stay Together

Even if you’re brave to explore the darkest alley alone, not having a companion is terribly discouraged. The logic is quiet simple. If you’re alone, you’re teammate won’t be able to get to you on time if the spitter has already locked his eyes on you. Wandering alone is not only dangerous but utterly useless.

It’s encouraged that you pair up together. If someone needs to go back to get a medicine supply, have him accompanied by another teammate then you can all meet up to continue your progress.

  1. Don’t Get a Guy Up Until It’s Totally Safe

Though working as a team is important, you should never forget your main goal – your survival.

It’s easy to be that friend who’s always running to a pal in need. This should not apply in the expert difficulty mode though. When you have a teammate that is down and wounded, secure the area first before coming to his rescue. Make sure that all enemies are dead. Keep your ears sharp, smokers and other infected may be just be lurking on a corner waiting to pounce.

  1. Prepare for the Long Haul

While it only takes less than an hour to complete a campaign in easy or normal mode, it’s a different story in the difficulty mode. It generally takes half an hour to complete one of the five acts in a campaign. You’re expected to complete the campaign on Expert in a total of three hours, about an hour to spend on planning while thirty minutes for each of the other four levels.

Before you sit down and start the game, make sure that you are fully conditioned. Remember that this is a long haul so don’t come unprepared. Eat a well-balanced meal and drink enough water. Make sure that everyone is onboard because one member leaving in the middle of the game can totally waste all of your progress and efforts.

  1. Turn on Closed Captioning

If you want to be alerted on whatever’s happening on the screen, turn on the closed captioning which can be found on the menu options. What advantage does it give you if you use this feature?  Gone are the days when you wonder if it’s a hunter that you heard. Instead, you will see these texts on your screen “Hunter growling” or “Smoker coughing”.

You will even be alerted when there is an incoming horde, as you will see something like “Incoming attack” It’s better to be alert so use all features that you can have to know everything that is going on around you.

Shooter games have certainly dominated the world. Read more about this exciting game here.

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