Ace Doom with These 7 Effective Tips

If you have a thing for scary stuff like devils and the undead, then you will find Doom very enjoyable.

This first-person shooter video game is popular for a reason. Not only it’s one of the pioneer shooter games but its popularity is evident to the over 10 million copies sold since its release.

What’s the storyline of this game about?

It’s about first-person shooters who control an unnamed space marine also referred to as Doomguy. You would need to battle the forces of Hell which consists of the undead and demons. A player will often go back and forth through hell. After returning from hell, a player finds that demons have already invaded the Earth and killed billion of people. Now you have to save the Earth from all of these forces from Hell.

Doom is not your conventional contemporary shooter. Take these tips by heart if you want to master this campaign.

  1. You Should Learn How to Love the Chainsaw

Chainsaw may not obviously look like an incredible asset, but you should consider this weapon as your best friend. With enough fuel, you can take down any enemies on sight in a single powerful blow. Chainsaw is not only an effective weapon of taking down your enemies, it can also turn those dead enemies into huge loot piñatas, dispersing precious ammunition.

It’s wise to switch to this super weapon when your ammunitions are already getting low. You would appreciate the importance of chainsaw in difficult situations where ammos are constantly in demand and hard to find. When you’re faced in a situation where your magazines are almost full, make a b-line for the biggest enemy and slay them down with a chainsaw. Don’t hesitate to whip it out when things are desperate.

The key to success is knowing how to manage your resourceful well. You have to constantly weigh the uses of your weapons. Should you use it in full force to take down all your minor foes or will you save it for the big ones?

  1. There’s Plenty of Room for Aggressiveness

One of the most cardinal rules in Doom that you must remember – it rewards aggressiveness.

When you’re outnumbered, or when your ammo or health is low, there’s only one thing to do and that is to attack. There’s no room for being overly cautious here, you don’t need to overthink your actions. Single out enemies as fast as you can and destroy them with as many Glory Kill finishers as possible.

Why is this so?

If you take down enemies with a Glory Kill, you are rewarded. If you’re already low in life, get close to an enemy that you killed and use its corpse to recharge your life.

  1. Don’t Be Idle

Another rule that you must remember – don’t stop. It’s important that whatever the situation is, never ever stop. You should always be on the move regardless of what circumstances you are in. Sprint, strafe, and circle.

You can dodge almost any attack as long as you are quick enough. Movement has its purpose. Move towards your enemies to charge your health, away from your enemies to get some perspective and spot nearby power-ups and around to make your attack.

Taking cover is really not a priority in this game. Your best defense is quick melee kill and a blazing weapon.

  1. Always Be On the Lookout for Resources

Always keep an eye on health loot, especially during the middle of the battle. While you’re moving your way through the map, be vigilant on ammunition and health supply. Even while you are in the middle of a battle, you should always keep your eyes open on these resources. Look at many platforms and corners of the room; they hold plenty of mouth-watering loots that are critical for your survival on this game.

If you’re not a fan of hording in real life, it’s a different story on this game. Horde as many ammos and health as you can. Those will come handy in situations where you need them the most.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open

Doom never fall short on surprises and secrets – praetor suit upgrades, runes, weapon mods and so much more. Many of these can be used to have an edge against your opponents. Vigilance is the key to this game. When you’re wandering in pathways, always have an open eye, especially on the above and below part. This is where majority of these secrets are hidden. Watch out for alcoves, hatches and ledges you can leap to.

You will find many items scattered throughout each battlefield. Green items give you protective armor, blue boxes recover your health and yellow pickups contain ammo. Since your health can drain pretty quickly, it’s important that you should always put on armor – especially when you’re taking down other human players or on higher difficulty settings.

  1. Find Your Sweet Spot

Since Doom is a relentlessly fast game, it’s important that you make sure that you are comfortable with your settings and control. Go to Settings > Controller (or mouse and keyboard for PC players) to make the adjustments on your button and aim for sensitivity. Don’t stop adjusting until you have found what settings and control that you are most comfortable of.

Players using their controller can jump and aim on this mode without having the need of taking your thumb off the thumb sticks. It’s wise if you experiment with the “Strafe” control scheme.

To adjust your field of view, go to Settings then Video. This comes handy if there are plenty of enemies that are attacking you and you want to have a wider view of the surroundings.

  1. Stick Together

Just like with other multiplayer shooter games, going as a lone wolf will not get you anywhere in Doom. Since this is a team-game, working together with your allies are very critical. You will be able to conquer more enemies if you and your team are working hand in hand with each other.

Track your friends easily by following the colored markers over their heads. There is a special icon for your teammate who has morphed into a demon.  Following this icon makes it easier for you to join them and help them with their hellish assault.

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