Beginners Guide in Playing Overwatch

If you’re into shooter game, then you should not miss out Overwatch.

This team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released on May 24, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

Veteran players could find this game a bit daunting. As the developer launched its first Anniversary event, they invited new players to give the massively popular multiplayer shooter a try as part of their celebration.

If you want to experience this fun and exciting game yourself, below are some things that you should know first to rock your first game.

The Heroes of “Overwatch”

Overwatch has 24 heroes that are currently available, each of them having their own unique skills. It is advisable that you start with the Training mode first and try out different heroes to find one what works best for you.

It has four types of heroes: offense, defense, support, and tank. Offense heroes specialize in dealing damage, defense heroes excel in preventing opponents from advancing their attack, support heroes provide healing and bonuses to allies, and tank heroes soak up the damage dealt by enemies to protect their teammates.

Soldier: 76 is a great choice of offense hero for beginners as his traits resemble the characters of traditional first-person shooters. If you’re looking for a defense hero, Bastion is a good choice. He is ideal for beginners as you will be forced to learn the details of each map with his ability to transform into high-powered but immobile turret.

If you’re looking for a support hero, you can never go wrong with Lucio. He is a great option because of his simple skills and versatility. Pick Reinhardt as your tank as he is a valuable member of any team because of his massive shield.

Whilst they are the ones recommended for beginner players, don’t be shy to try as many heroes as you can. You have your own special needs and finding a hero that suits yours is important.

Game Modes

Overwatch has four game modes, with mode being randomly chosen when a player enters the queue to join matches.

Assault – in this game mode, the attacking team should attempt to capture a certain point on the map. Assault maps have to capture points and the defensive team’s role is to stop their opponents.

Escort is the second game mode. In this mode, the attacking team pushes forward a payload to a delivery point, with a few checkpoints along the way. The defensive team can stop their opponents from pushing the payload and even slowly send the progress back.

The third game mode is Hybrid. It starts off as an Assault match with the attacking team looking to earn a point. It then transitions into an Escort match as they would need to accompany a payload.

Control is the last game mode. In this mode, opposing teams are battling each other to control an objective in the best-of-three series. The object can be captured by holding a control of it for a certain period of time. The team that has control of the objective will have their score percentage increased until they reached 100 percent or the opponent wins it back.

Tips on How to Play Overwatch

Unlike other multiplayer shooters, getting the highest number of skills in this video game does not necessary win the match. This is the first thing that beginner players should learn. You should have proper teamwork along with your allies, regardless of what game mode you are in. With this, it is critical that you have good communication. Always communicating with each other is essential.

While it’s important that you chose a hero that has unique skills, winning the game does not rely solely on your heroes. You should use tactics and strategies instead of depending on these heroes to bring you to victory. Let’s take Soldier:76 as an example. He won’t be able to contribute to the team if he refuses to charge into enemy lines. Reinhardt would not be able to serve his purpose if he’s only using his shield for his protection.

Just like with any games, you don’t develop your skills overnight. You would need to allocate a lot of time practicing this game. You can either enter the Training mode to have a feel of your hero’s skills. You can also go through Quick Play matches to fight against players who are on the same level of skill. Luckily though, Overwatch is a fun and exciting game, plus it’s also fast-paced. This means that you can improve your skills in a shorter amount of time plus you are having fun while doing so.

Additional Tips to Start Your Winning Streaks

  • Be flexible and learn at least one character of each class

When figuring out the composition of your team’s hero, it’s best to focus on balance. The in-game prompts helps nudge you into the right direction and gives you a clear hint on when you need a certain type of hero. Endeavor to master at least one hero from the Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support classes.

  • Don’t fight alone

This is one classic mistake that plenty of multiplayer shooters are guilty of. Since it’s a team game, it’s obvious that you should work together as a team and not charging the enemy one by one. The use of your abilities will be maximized if they are tandem with your allies.

  • Blow off some steam with Arcade modes

Just like with any other competitive games, Overwatch can sometimes cause you to feel frustrated. Losing a few games in a row or getting saddled with uncooperative teammates can certainly get on your nerve. Instead of letting frustration get the best of you, hop into the Arcade mode to take a break from the regular action of Quick Play. The sheer variety of these modes and the excitement it brings is an effective way of making you cool down.

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