Top 10 Best Weapons for Beginners in PUBG

If you think that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most-exciting and nerve-wrecking shooter games, you are not alone on this thought.

Since it was released on March 2017, a number of populations hooked on this game are rising exponentially. With overwhelmingly positive reviews from fans and critics, Battlegrounds presented new types of gameplay that could be easily approached by players of any skill level and was highly replayable. No wonder it is considered as the defining game of the battle royal genre. (Learn more details about PUBG here).

If you’re already invested in PUBG but have not figured out which weapon to use yet, you have come to the right place. We have selected some of the best weapons that are ideal for beginners.

  1. AWM [Sniper Rifle]

This sniper rifle is the goldmine of all sniper rifles. Though it’s a crate weapon, it’s best for beginners because of its incredible firepower. Beginner players would experience what real damage is. Plus it teaches them patience and responsibility when taking shots since it’s a crate only weapon.

This weapon will teach you how to value each shot. Wasting rounds with this gun is similar to throwing away a good piece of steak. It comes with a whopping 40,000 body hit impact power so you give nothing but maximum damage to your opponents. Use this gun wisely and savor its unlimited power.

  1. Karabiner 98 Kurz

If this weapon looks familiar, that’s because this vintage bolt-action sniper rifle has been used in several shooter games such as Socom, Call of Duty and even Battlefield. It’s a favorite because of the great power it brings. Once you shoot your target with this gun, it’s more likely that they’ll be dead in just a single shot. Master this gun at long range and your opponents and teammates would not even think that you are just a newcomer.

It’s a bolt-action rifle, meaning you would need to reload another bullet into the chamber after every shot before you can shoot again. This feature will teach you how to take your shots wisely.

  1. Mini14 [Sniper Rifle]

The Mini14 is better than other bolt action rifles because it’s a semi-automatic Carbine sniper. On a layman’s term, it simply means having the ability to fire off multiple shots in a quicker succession.

Beginners in PUBG will find this weapon as a great option for a base sniper because you can practice your shots without waiting too much to reload. If your accuracy is on point, this weapon can cause excessive amounts of damage to your opponents.

  1. SCAR-L [Assault Rifle]

The SCAR-L is one of the most favorite picks of PUBG enthusiasts because it can be used in several ways. This weapon is perfect for you if you’re looking for stability and the ability to fire off shots without having to worry too much about recoil. Beginners need something that aims for damage and precision, hence making this assault rifle a beginner’s favorite.

You can create your own ultimate beast out of this gun because it can use up to 4 slots, you can attach grips, muzzles, sights and magazines. Plus this gun is not hard to find so make sure that you grab one immediately the moment you see it.

  1. M16A4 [Assault Rifle]

Compared to other sophisticated assault rifles, M16A4 is relatively easier to use. This weapon is excellent – whether in close or long range. Just an 8x scope on it and it transforms itself into an amazing sniping machine. Because of its impeccable accuracy, it can take enemies down even if they are yards away.

On the downfall, M16A4 can only hold 3 slots on the gun. What does this mean? It means that you can still acquire the magazines, muzzles and sights but not the grip option.

  1. UMP9 [SMG]

If you’re looking for a weapon that has very common ammunition, then UMP9 is one of your perfect choices. It uses the same ammo as the P18C, which is a very common pistol to find in the game. Having plenty supply of ammo is essential in PUBG, particularly on the late part of the game.

Another great feature is its ability to hold a good amount of attachments from red dot sight, compensator, suppressor and a flash hider. Having these attachments transforms it into a deadly gun.

  1. Kriss Vector [SMG]

Also known as the Vector, this weapon is a good choice during the early phases of the game due to its strength and accuracy. It’s ideal for beginners due to its multiple firing modes, giving you more time to practice in each mode (Single, Burst, Auto). This gun works best if used up close or mid-range.

  1. S686 [Shotgun]

S686 is a very powerful shotgun that has the capacity to turn any nearby enemies into red mist. It has 2 very fast rounds to shoot off which is probably the main contributor of its strength. Compared to S1897, S686 carries more rounds in between slower shots. S1897 takes 0.750s to fire one round as compared to S686’s 0.200s. This shotgun is also not a hard item to find.

  1. Pan [Melee]

You must be wondering why this pan is on the list when it’s not even a gun. Remember that anything that is lying around in PUBG is essential, especially when your life is on the line. Pan is the strongest melee weapon in PUBG. Not only can it be used to hit your opponents until their brain scatters into pieces but it can also be used as a shield for your arse should you be caught in a gunfight.

  1. R1895 [Pistol]

With its base damage of 46 and body impact power of 8,000, R1895 is the strongest pistol amongst its category. Don’t underestimate this revolver as it can certainly knock down your opponents should they get near you. You have to make every shot counts because it’s on the slower end of the pistols with roughly 0.400s time between each shot.

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